CLS AdvisorOne Funds

Investors gain an entire investment portfolio when they invest in CLS’s AdvisorOne Funds. For investors interested in fee-based money management, we provide a simple way to diversify their holdings because our funds invest in a wide selection of other mutual funds, ETFs, and securities.

CLS Global Aggressive Equity Fund

Seeks long-term growth


CLS Shelter Fund

Seeks to limit the impact of large equity market declines



cls-logo_314x100In 1998, CLS Investments, LLC (CLS) created the CLS Global Diversified Equity and CLS Growth and Income Funds to provide adaptive risk allocation across a variety of investment portfolios. In recent years, CLS has added additional funds to the AdvisorOne Funds family, many of which use ETFs as their primary investment vehicle.

The AdvisorOne Funds were created as fundamental building blocks for investors’ portfolios. The AdvisorOne Funds have two unique features that could make them excellent core holdings:

  • By investing in ETFs, the AdvisorOne Funds have essentially created securities that track a variety of market indices. ETFs have a variety of benefits including the ability to track the market closely, little to no cash position to drag on performance, consistent style (no style drift), generally low fund expenses, and minimal turnover, which may help reduce tax liability.
  • The AdvisorOne Funds capitalize on the benefits of active money management including the experience of professional money managers, the possibility to reduce risk, and the possibility of enhancing return.

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

– Warren Buffett